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Llandaff Cathedral, Llandaff, Cardiff

DHVA Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff
Llandaff_pic by DHV Architects_exterior 01
Llandaff_pic by DHV Architects_interior02
Llandaff_pic by DHV Architects_interior01

Izaak is the inspecting cathedral architect for this fascinating cathedral, with important phases of work from the twelfth, fourteenth, nineteenth and twentieth Centuries. 


DHV Architects recently completed a major phase of internal repairs inside the cathedral to repair the clerestory stonework and windows. The project involved a number of carefully-designed large scaffold structures which are moved around the nave and choir to accommodate events.


Other recently completed projects include the installation of the fifteenth century Bishop Marshall Episcopal Throne panel, shown in the video below. 

We are currently leading a major heating and lighting project at the cathedral which will include a ground-breaking low-carbon bivalent energy solution.

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