Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury

Salisbury Cathedral Chapter House, photo by DHV Architects
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral_cloisters_pic by DHV 2
DHVA Salisbury Cathedral Site
DHVA Salisbury Cathedral Lion
DHVA Salisbury Cathedral Wyvern
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral_fountain_pic by DHV Architects
Salisbury Cathedral_ceiling_pic by DHV
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral_cloisters_pic by DHV
Salisbury Cathedral_external_pic by DHV 2

Izaak is the cathedral architect for this magnificent Thirteenth Century masterpiece. The role involves overseeing repair and conservation work to the fabric of the building, and advising Chapter on strategic planning and maintenance. Working closely with the Cathedral Works Department, current projects on site include the £0.8m presbytery gable (MRA4) repair project and the £1.5m Trinity Chapel (MRA6) repair project.


DHV Architects are also undertaking a number of studies for repair and new-build developments as part of the wider cathedral masterplan.