YTL Arena Complex, Bristol

DHVA are the heritage consultants to Grimshaw Architects for the conversion of the iconic 1940s Brabazon Assembly Hangar Building at Filton in Bristol into the exciting new YTL Arena Complex which has just received planning consent. The project involves re-use of the building as a flexible, multi-purpose 17,000 capacity arena for Bristol and the surrounding area, as well as supporting spaces for leisure facilities, food and drink and work space.

Our role on the project was to assess the physical and social significance of all aspects of the building and adjacent structures; advise the consultant team on proposals for re-use and re-servicing of the structure; and prepare the supporting heritage-related documents for the major planning application.

The Brabazon Assembly Building was built between 1946 and 1949 to accommodate the assembly of the Bristol Type 167 ‘Brabazon’ airliner. In the 1960s and 70s the Assembly Building was used to build all of the UK-made Concorde aircraft. The arena will be a very exciting and ecologically-sustainable re-use of this empty, but locally important heritage structure. We are proud to be one of the locally-based team members for this vitally important project to Bristol.


(Artist impressions of the Arena Complex are courtesy of Grimshaw Architects and YTL)