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Curzon Cinema: Bring Back the Balcony

Listed Building Consent was granted in December 2021 for the reinstatement of the balcony at the Grade II Curzon Cinema in Clevedon.

The balcony has been closed to the public for nearly fifty years following a reduction in capacity and the installation of a new false ceiling in March 1973. The ceiling was removed in 2020, which allowed for the impressive 1920s barrel-vaulted ceiling and full proscenium to be seen once again. This provided an opportunity to reinstate the balcony and introduce new experiences at the Curzon Cinema.

In March 2021 the Curzon Cinema introduced their Bring Back the Balcony fundraising campaign which had successfully raised £62,000 by September last year and another £10,000 has been pledged once work is ready to begin.

DHVA were appointed in May 2021 to assist with Listed Building Consent application which was submitted to North Somerset Council in October 2021. The proposals include the reinstatement of some of the historic drop-down seats using some of the extensive parts that the Cinema holds in their archives and the introduction of new lounge-style seating to the enlarged rear tiers. Other considerations include the installation of new safety features referencing some of the historic details, and provision of new lighting and audio features to provide a modern cinematic experience.

Consideration has been given to a more relaxed, up-market experience, with tables or cup holders being added, coat hooks or pockets for coats and bags and more space around groups of seats to allow for seat service.

The Curzon Cinema are aiming to open the balcony this spring to align with the centenary of the opening of the balcony in 1922.

You can still donate to the Balcony Campaign by following the link to the Curzon Cinema’s website:

Alternatively, you can contact the Curzon Cinema directly by emailing or calling 01275 871000 to speak to CEO, Susannah Shaw

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