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Maximising land in urban neighbourhoods

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

In the past year DHV Architects have designed several infill housing projects. These gap or infill housing are a great way to make use of vacant or underused plots interspersed among older, existing properties in established urban neighbourhoods. They are often sought after and can wield good returns with the right planning and design.

What to consider?

Infill housing differs from green field or estate housing; they have to fit in an established context, rather than setting their own. The design constraints are greater than say a medium scale development on the edge of town. Respecting existing building lines, heights and broad proportions of their surroundings, whilst avoid overlooking and overshadowing other properties must all be taken into account. As far as possible infill houses should make the most of orientation and views, without conflicting with the primary constraints.

How to get planning?

Planning officers often favour the status quo, no matter how uninspiring or trite it might be. Architects might be tempted to more or less replicate what is already there in order to minimise objections and help secure planning consent.

How to maximise returns?

We believe that innovative design can coexist with pre-existing buildings: we strive to capture the essence of the site, to understand the logic behind the existing buildings and their appearance, and provide a contemporary response that draws from, but is not mimicking, the context. This has several benefits when it comes to selling.

In following this design principle, we help you create inspirational houses than become more desirable when it comes to selling. The new building not only makes a positive contribution to the urban fabric but is also fit to purpose with its internal layout.

DHVA combine award-winning contemporary design ability and attention to detail to help our clients create beautiful spaces tailored to their needs. Contact us for a no obligation discussion about your project on 0117 914 8317 or email

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